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True publicity begins with a top PR firm with the right media connections. Our team of seasoned publicists will deliver a media buzz that you cannot find anywhere else. Tiny media placements and boring campaigns do not cut it in a competitive media landscape.

Work with us to obtain real placements, real results, and real strategic media growth.

Our Core Features

Success Driven PR


Strong Project

Each and every project within our PR firm is run by an Account Executive and is consistently overseen by an executive staff member to ensure its success.


Cross Industry PR

There are levels to each business, and at BPM-PR, we know them all well. We will obtain real placements you can stand by, showcase and produce tangible growth results.



Our headquarters is located just one block from Rockefeller Center in in New York City with additional office locations in California, Washington D.C, Atlanta, and London.



You won't need to chase us down and push us to get the job done. Nobody has time for that when they are running a successful business!


Real Media

Our PR firm clients are consistently featured in and on The New York Times, Allure, InStyle, Essence, The Today Show, WSJ, CBS, VOGUE, Women’s Wear Daily, LA Times, Entrepreneur, BusinessWeek, Mashable, People Magazine and MANY MORE!



Gone are the days of sad drab publicity pushes. At BPM-PR Firm each and every campaign is strategically planned out with a creatively layered approach. Creative media angles, planning, events, and next level PR partnerships that you will not find at any other PR Firm.


Take Your PR
Campaign To The
Next Level

By developing a Public Relations strategy that is both proactive and reactive, strategic and exceptionally creative, we’ll put down some objectives and metrics that will make your media campaign soar.

The cost of your Public Relations firm is and should be thought of as a strategic investment for the growth of your brand. Determine your monthly spend and be prepared with a PR budget. At BPM-PR we only work on monthly retainer contract or a solid project rate. Contracts with BPM-PR run for 6 months, 12 months or 24 months. Costs can vary depending upon project need, however, at BPM-PR Firm we will never upsell you anything that you do not need until your brand is truly ready for it. We also do not have any hidden contract costs.

In many cases clients begin seeing results within the second and third week of work. We believe in under promising and over delivering. Many of our clients see media placements and interviews within the first week. Each project is different. All media placements and day-to-day work we complete is easily accessible through our client/PR firm extranet. In addition to bi-weekly conference calls, our clients also receive a monthly updated coverage report showing all media placements and updated strategy direction.


A results driven
PR team

You need Public Relations – don’t let anyone tell you any different. And we’re not talking about the kind where a tiny blogger interviews you or runs a piece for you once every 3 months. As a top PR firm we are a results driven team that works to obtain daily media placements within print magazines, online news sites, top blogs, television, radio and newspapers.


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We are an NYC PR firm that provides PR firm services and business growth management on a global scale. We are a full-service PR firm. What does that mean for you and your business? It means that we have the ability to work across all industries from A to Z and come with a wealth of public relations and business marketing growth knowledge. Whether you are looking for PR for a business, product, expert or event, or looking to launch a full-scale celebrity or influencer endorsement campaign, we are hailed as one of the best PR companies for all of that and more.


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