NYC PR Firm Works With Apologetic Fan to Get an Apology to Usher Raymond and His Fans

NEW YORK, NY- (December 20, 2010) – NYC PR Firm Beautiful Planning Marketing Group & PR, (BPM-PR Firm), announced today the addition of a new client to their esteemed client roster. Donnetia Rabb, devoted wife, Usher fan and mother worked with the firm to issue a formal apology today to both Usher Raymond and his OMG concert fans. The apology comes on the heels of the December 13th OMG concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC, where during a once in a lifetime moment, Rabb accidentally kicked the OMG star in the face.  Videos that ripped across news channels and World Wide Web gossip sites shows the young woman brought on stage as Usher Raymond serenades her to a sexy version of his popular song “Trading Places” on a leather couch. Donnetia, not one to shy away from good clean fun, joined in on the show. As she attempted to swing her leg over Usher’s head she inadvertently kicked him in his face. The popular video can be seen at .

“When Donnetia called us it was so unexpected. I couldn’t help but to giggle as she reluctantly described the incident. She was very sweet, slightly embarrassed, and overwhelmed by the media response to the incident.” States Beautiful Planning PR Firm CEO Monique Tatum. “ We are very picky with who we add to our client list, however Donnetia was sincere and absolutely adorable. I knew that we could not let her apology fall into the hands of the wrong pr firm, where it could possibly be turned into something negative.”

Donnetia, prior to contacting the NYC PR Firm, had already received a flood of calls surrounding the incident. She received offers from people to purchase the shoe that dared to tap the face of Usher Raymond, as well as ambitious PR Firms looking to represent her. All of which prompted Rabb to do some research and then reach out to Beautiful Planning Marketing Group & PR. Donnetia is hoping to publicly present Usher with an apology gift that she purchased with the intent of sending to him the day after the incident.

The firm issued a press release apology for Donnetia which garnered immediate results such as Donnetia’s apology message on national news sites such as USA Today, OMG!Yahoo Gossip Site, US Weekly and more. The apology prompted E! News Online to reach out to Usher and relay Donnetia’s apology- in which he responded in the exclusive found at

"In all my years, this is one of the most interesting experiences. I got a kick out of it. It looked worse than it actually was, hazards of my job.” States Usher Raymond  “ My audience and I got a good laugh. Wherever you are baby, don't feel bad, no hard feelings."

The young, fresh PR firm is known for it’s original clientele that all truly make an imprint and difference within the news. Their client roster currently runs across multiple industries, events and products. From the recent introduction of “The Original Condom” a new luxury condom brought to market in the US by two French Aristocrats with unique Luxury packaging, to working with big industry promotion names such as for sponsorship obtainment for an upcoming All Star Weekend Event hosted by Diddy himself.  The firm has recently created Do-It-Yourself PR classes to the public with well-known sponsors such as PRWEB.  In addition they also recently announced their 2011 September NYC philanthropic Fashion week event “ The Reality of Fashion, The Reality of Aids”.  A first of its kind event where reality stars will walk the runway in upcoming designer pieces to raise funds that will go towards AIDS Research and more. Their expansion plans include a new firm location in Miami for 2011 and one in L.A. for 2012 in addition to their NYC Tribeca office location.

“We work so hard to garner results for our clients. Our approach is consistently pragmatic.” Continues CEO Tatum. “Our team is powerful and amazing, our clients are sweet, and amazing with messages that generate a unique gravitational pull. That is how I intend to continue running and growing my business. We represent what a PR Firm should be, and will always embrace that hard working, entrepreneurial spirit”

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