New York, NY (January 2, 2009) – We can thank the adorable tyke from Jerry Maguire for ingraining our brains with the fact that, “The human head weighs eight pounds.” But how does one turn their child into the next rising superstar? For parents, looking to make their kids' the next famous baby-face, they can look no further than Commercial Kids entertainment services ( And for Commercial Kids, looking to get the word out about their affordable and reliable services through public relations, they chose to look no further than PR firm Beautiful Planning Marketing Group (

Entertainment Tonight's Mary Hart singularly endorsed the services of Commercial Kids during a December 3rd package, highlighting theirs as a service that will, “Help you avoid the rip-offs.” A screenshot of the Commercial Kids homepage also breezed through the screen during this while not a single other agency or service was recommended. Entertainment Tonight is just one of a growing list of media outlets that has expressed interest in the services of Commercial Kids since working with Beautiful Planning Marketing Group.

Recognizing the fact that Commercial Kids stands alone in their practices of offering extensive lists of children-specializing talent agents, Beautiful Planning outlined their fair and honest business practices in a method that drew in immediate media attention. Steve Tyler, Founder of Commercial Kids, spoke highly of the outreach executed by Beautiful Planning, “By truly understanding our message and practices, Beautiful Planning has helped to launch a PR campaign that is skyrocketing Commercial Kids to the next level,” he said.

Monique Tatum, Founder and CEO of PR firm Beautiful Planning, is equally excited to be continuing the relationship with Commercial Kids. “Commercial Kids is a wonderful addition to the entertainment sect of our client roster – we have grand and creative ideas in mind for ways to continue to get the message out about their brand. We have decided to focus strongly on growing the entertainment industry portion of our business for 2009 and working with falls right in line with those goals” she said.

But entertainment clients aren't the only niche that Beautiful Planning has seen success with. Technology companies, like David Steele Enterprises, Inc. and their iBreath iPod Breathalyzer, and software clients, like Integrity Partners' Microsoft Dynamics-Gp firm, are additional companies that Beautiful Planning has helped make waves for. After running a highly successful PR campaign for the iBreath, placements were procured in well over 100 print and online publications like The New York Times, LA Times, and PC World, to name a few. The broad and growing clientbase at Beautiful Planning only continues to flourish as this firm is has become the PR firm of choice for businesses looking to circulate their brands, products, and messages to all of the right audiences.

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