Our Client Amber Leigh Salisbury's Feature:

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The Beatles claimed you can't buy it, Donny Iris said it just plain stinks, and it gave Diana Ross and the Supremes a hangover. Ahh, the power of love. But with all of the songs, books, movies and theories about love these days, it's a wonder that anyone ever manages to get hit with Cupid's arrow. For Amber Salisbury, aka Amber the Love Coach and the founder of Feel Love International, scoring a mate doesn't come via gimmicks or slick packaging, but by the simple idea of looking in the mirror and figuring out who you, yes, you , really are.

Having toured the world with renowned life coach Tony Robbins, this self-professed "lover of love" began to notice how much easier people who possessed a very strong sense of self-value fell into relationships versus those who did not. Her journey became a crusade to help men and women open up to the idea of presenting their authentic selves to a potential life partner, rather than becoming a master of strategic game playing.

For her, you have to truly believe in the idea of something to actually obtain it. So passionate was she about her theory that she hired a wedding planner before she had even found her future husband. Crazy? Maybe. But a year later, guess who was walking down the aisle.

Question: So how does one become a Love Coach?

Answer: It's an interesting little story - psychology has been my background, and I was in corporate America for a long time and just got dissatisfied climbing the corporate ladder. I actually went to a Tony Robbins event and got really interested in positive psychology - this was in 1999. So, I worked for him for about eight years coaching people in different countries, and what showed up for me was that I loved love. I loved talking about it, I loved helping people get into relationships but, even more important, was the self-love. What I noticed was that people who loved themselves and had a very strong sense of self-value had the easiest time getting into relationships.

Q: You actually went to Italy and hired a wedding planner without even having met your future husband yet. Did your friends and family think you were nuts?

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