NYC’s First Ever Mobile Indian Food Truck Garners Major Media Traction Right Out of The Gate With Fast Rising Public Relations Firm

Beautiful Planning PR firm, (BPM-PR Firm), based out of NYC announced today the addition and success of their out of the gate upstart client the Desi Food Truck. The bright yellow food truck located on the corner of 27th street & 5th avenue rolled up and opened its doors for the first time in July. Introducing New York to the first ever Mobile Indian Food truck and tasty dished such as buttery, flaky Kati Rolls, Chicken Tikka Masala and more. The firm has been working with the Desi Food Truck since day one and the media response from all angles have been overwhelmingly positive and welcoming.

“The Desi Food Truck is something different that New York City had never seen before, now that is truly rare”, states young Beautiful Planning PR CEO Monique Tatum. “Original is always welcome here on the Beautiful Planning client roster. Good food coupled with an amazing concept and amazing publicity connections is a simple recipe for Food Truck or food project success.”

The young firm boasts a client list from authors with  books surrounding celebrity athletes, Off Broadway stage plays, B2B clients, celebrity representation, extremely unique and worthwhile not for profits such as CSPAS, events such as a new, soon to be announced charity event for the upcoming NYC Fashion Week and many more. As a rising firm to closely watch, Beautiful Planning’s clients are scattered across the United States and Canada with strategic focus in New York City, LA, Canada, Miami, Atlanta and Texas. Up until August 2010 their client list had a waiting list of months to simply grace it, with a tight cap of only 12 clients at a time. The cap now removed since early August, the firm is seeing a major influx in areas of food and restaurant service, authors, expert speakers, reality show stars and more.

“We welcome the growth, we are now ready for a new expansion phase and have built a steady foundation where we can support it.” ,continues CEO Tatum, “ We are have proven that we are a strong force to be reckoned with and one that is very difficult to compete with inside of the PR industry. We have not only surpassed goals in multiple verticals but we build our campaigns with such an interactive umbrella that they can only become contagiously airborne.”

Beautiful Planning’s recipe for success and unique communication strategies are always coupled with saturation of seo and web presence. They maintain positive trade secrets to building social media space followings within Twitter, Facebook Fans pages and throughout many other web channels that they slowly introduce into each campaign along side of media placements. The marrying of these campaigns allow their clients to grace channels such as Fox 5, sites, radio, newspapers and magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, MotorTrend Magazine, Crains, The Village Voice and more.

For more information about Beautiful Planning PR firm and their services in NYC, LA, Miami, Atlanta, Texas, other US areas or Canada please visit or call 877-841-7244.

About Beautiful Planning PR Firm

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