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Monique Tatum

Monique Tatum is the Founder, CEO, and Head Publicist at independently owned and operated BPM-PR Firm. After attending college at NYC’s Fordham University at the young age of 16, Monique entered her PR career in her early 20’s at well-known companies such as NBC Universal and with Microsoft Partners. Tatum launched Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR (BPM-PR Firm) in 2005 with existing Microsoft Partners in tow as her first set of long term retainer clients.

Monique Tatum has provided business development and public relations counsel to hundreds of businesses that range in size in addition to winning a multitude of clientele high profile awards. These numbers include Unicorn Companies, INC. 500 companies, enterprise corporations, as well as established companies with new product or unique business ideas. Monique’s Public Relations, Marketing and Business Development expertise is not solely located within the USA, but instead spans across international borders to corporations, high profile clientele ranging from celebrities to fashion, beauty and technology all the way to royalty, not for profit interests and more.

Her experience spans multi markets such as events, fashion, beauty, food & drug, green/ eco-awareness, lifestyle brands, luxury brands, health & wellness, technology, new products, events, publishing, staffing, retail, not-for-profits, celebrities/ high profile, and government agencies.

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