Richmond, VA (March 19, 2010) – After years of logistical planning and secret beta-testing, Diesel eBook Store (  is rolling out the Holy Grail in product delivery; free, same day International shipping. It is a large feat for the company to be able to roll out such a large promotion before many of their much larger competitors such as the well known Amazon. With the recent announcement mail carriers worldwide are preparing for the promotion as it is expected to flood mail carrier routes.

Sanford Bloom, Editor of eBook Weekly states, " With a flurry of recent eBook devices hitting the market such as the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble nook, the iRex Iliad, and the trailing Sony Reader, publishers and retailers have been grappling with the new agency pricing model. This upstart Diesel’s move tightens the screws on an already hyper-competitive eBook marketplace. It will be interesting to see how Amazon responds.  My guess is they will lower prices on Kindle Bestsellers to $6.99."

The infrastructure to deploy a same day offering has been in place for years. The race has been to see who would leverage those routes first. Diesel eBook Store managed to secure all means for the first seamless rollout setting the bar quite high for Amazon and others. Same day delivery service through Diesel will begin in early April and in celebration all ebooks purchased from the site will be discounted 10% for April 1st (see website for details). The store carries over 40 categories and 2700 reading sub-categories.

"This idea sprouted from a brainstorming session back in 2005 with the question, Can our International customers transact and take receipt all in the same day at no additional charge?” stated L. Scott Redford,  Founder and President of Diesel eBook Store. Now years later we have an answer. Yes they can, and we are more than pleased to be the first to announce such an innovative and evolutionary free digital shipping promotion”

To learn more about Diesel eBooks and their inventory selection please visit or call (877) 841-7244.

About Diesel eBooks

Based in Richmond, Va., Diesel eBooks is one of the largest independent eBook Stores in the World and offers a massive inventory of titles in over 40 categories and 600 sub-categories. All are available in Microsoft Reader, Adobe, ePub, Mobipocket and eReader formats.