Lifestyle PR is inherently personal.

Our PR team understands that in order for us to push your lifestyle products to the right editors and producers, we need to connect with them first. Your life is connected by dozens of emotional responses. Think about it for a second. Before you signed up for that home decor site, booked that luxury cruise, or decided thats it, Im all about this brand of protein bar from now on…there was an emotional trigger. Something in your life let you know hey…I need to spice up my living room or give my body more of what it needs.

Well at BPM-PR we trigger those emotional response in the press daily surrounding your lifestyle products or services. It’s insanely important for any PR representative of a lifestyle brand to know the psychology behind why people want to try products, gift products & most importantly consistently buy products.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our Lifestyle PR press releases and pitch letters consistently sing and sell. We are also always on the prowl for new industry contacts and they are often more than eager to make us their new best friends. That in turn works out amazing for our clients as we are consistently the first PR firm on their speed dials when they are looking for products or fun angles for hot new stories.

We aren’t just online digital either. We believe that full service PR garners faster results. Our campaigns incorporate online digital press, print magazines both monthly and weeklies, print newspapers, television and radio upon request.

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