WENDY VAZQUEZ- Publicist for Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Division!  Getting To Know The Best PR Agency

Wendy may come off initially as quiet and shy but she is a fire ball at the office often saying comments that become daily quotables such as her famous "Whaaaatttttttttttt?" when something crazy goes down.( Which happens often) Wendy has two cats, but is no cat lady- tales of Tony and Maria - yes those names ARE from West Side Story. They Sometimes drive her crazy with their reckless behavior but she still LOVES her babies!

Wendy is technology cursed causing her to switch computers daily and go through 5 phones in a year but she is still the SUPERWOMAN of the office, while still juggling school and of course...Cosmopolitan Magazine browsing! =)

The BPMPR PR team LOVE her and her AWESOME personality!!

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