The Distinguished Gallery Adds New Items to Their Diverse Collection for the Upcoming Autumn Season

New York, NY (August 28, 2013) – Fine estate jewelry gallery, Oak Gem (, has recently introduced new high-end, exclusive items to their collection as trendy must-haves for the fall season. OakGem provides its customers with a slew of the most elegant and luxurious jewelry on the market. With over 2,000 estate brand name items on their website, OakGem has one of the largest stocks of estate jewelry not only online, but also in the world. OakGem’s defining characteristic, besides its opulent collection of jewelry, is that they provide several one-of-a-kind pieces that are unique to their customers, making each item sold no longer available for purchase.

“We pride ourselves on our collection of fine jewelry, along with our customer service ensuring our customers find exactly what they have been looking for,” states Marketing Director, Ilya Vorobey. “We are also constantly updating our collection and staying on top of the latest trends to ensure that we are providing our customers with the best items in the industry. At OakGem we strive to stay a step ahead of new styles, colors and trends, and believe our latest additions are the top essential pieces for this coming fall season.”

OakGem is a fine estate jewelry gallery located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania that holds a large collection of high-end, exclusive and hard-to-find jewelry, from the world’s most prominent designers and brands. OakGem’s website provides its visitors with a close look and detailed description of the many pieces that are for sale, allowing them simple ways to make purchases directly from their site.  Although OakGem maintains its loyal clients who still visit their gallery, their largest clientele comes from their website which has brought them customers from all over the world including countries like Germany, England, China and Australia. OakGem offers its clients the security of their purchase by being accredited by the Better Business Bureau, being a member of the Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee, and the Jeweler’s Board of Trade.

For more information about OakGem, purchases, or to schedule a visit to their gallery visit their website at and follow them on twitter at

 About OakGem

OakGem is a fine estate jewelry and antique gallery owned by Vadim Krivitsky.  Throughout its history OakGem has built an outstanding reputation in the industry with its immense collection of antiques, collectables, accessories and fine jewelry having one of the largest stocks of estate jewelry in the world.