Case Study

Laura Macleod + BPM-PR Firm Case Study

Laura MacLeod, a licensed social worker with two decades of experience as a union employee, has dedicated her time to improving staff communication for employees within various industries such as hospitality, reception, retail, and banking. Laura offers an effective technique  and program that she developed called the FROM THE INSIDE OUT PROJECT®, teaching hourly employees how to problem solve, resolve conflict, and improve communication. Her project allows management and human resources address issues by empowering employees to become more self-directed by looking at employee behavior and interaction. Laura’s main goal for her project has always been to lock in a reality show concept for working with companies in conflict resolution for hourly employees within the restaurant, hospitality and retail industries. Laura was referred to our top PR Firm by a member of BNI Chapter 62 as BPM-PR CEO Monique Tatum had previously been an active member for the PR Firm seat and trusted for her expertise. BNI Chapter 62 passed 5 million dollars in Business for 2015 with trusted referrals so Laura Macleod began her project immediately without delay.

Business Situation

Business Situation

Laura expressed to our team that she wanted to combine her talents of being an actress with her love of HR + employee management skills for hourly workers. Her dream was to establish herself within the media, obtain speaking engagements, and quickly get on to the road of appearing on TV to possibly land a reality show. When signing her first contract with BPM-PR Firm Laura did not have a single press placement, article, or quote within the media. She had only gone as far as website development and attempting to control her own social media. Laura also wanted to obtain speaking engagements that would lead to larger corporate contracts where she could jump in and mediate for hospitality industry hourly staff members with her From The Inside Out Project break out sessions. Laura signed on with BPM-PR Firm for an initial contract which was offered at that time. She continued on as a renewing and active client with the firm and was been featured in well over 75 media outlets.

Our Solution


​BPM-PR Firm’s solution for Laura Macleod was to build a solid foundation for her campaign as she had never had any content created. We set a solid strategy that would not only appeal to business owners and Human Resources departments, bone that would also appeal to an hourly employee possibly reading an article where topics would hit home and they may approach their higher ups and suggesting bringing her in for mediation purposes. Her campaign was initially a base PR package that only included strategy, angle and content creation, along with press pitching. Eventually Laura increased her package offerings with us to also include speaker rate development, speaker booking outreach, casting director introductions and more. Campaign angles for Laura MacLeod included but were not limited to:

Some of the major media that have covered Laura Macleod include CNBC, Fast company, Inc.Com, CBS, Refinery29,,, USA Today, the Huffington Post, HR Magazine, FIT Small business and MANY more!


Increase in speaking engagements

Major increase of awareness as an established expert

Immediate increase in larger scale corporate bookings

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