Case Study

SABON + BPM-PR Firm Case Study

SABON is a leading luxury bath and body brand that offers an unparalleled range of unique bath and body products using time-honored remedies based on the finest natural ingredients. Sabon is an international network with 175 retail locations around the world, including: The United States, Israel, Italy, France, Romania, Japan, Hong Jong, Taiwan, South Korea, England, Germany, Netherlands, Spain Dominica Republic and Denmark.  Inspiration for Sabon’s products are derived from nature and devoted customers. Nature’s healing properties and aromatherapy are at the center of creation of each and every Sabon products.  All Sabon offerings are manufactured and packaged in Israel and shipped worldwide.

Business Situation

Business Situation

Sabon approached Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR (BPM-PR Firm) as they needed a comprehensive public relations strategy to generate further awareness for the Sabon brand and build upon the company’s profile and background story as an always innovating beauty brand. The core objective of the PR Program was to consistently maximize exposure within the US and continue to further establish credibility within the beauty space, while at the same time work to continuously drive SEO. Sabon worked with our Beauty PR Firm Division for a full year and a half contact that consisted of media relations, strategic partnerships & collaborations, as well as brand-aligned activations. They needed a strong PR team to back their then 38 New York store locations and beautiful established online presence.

Our Solution


BPM-PR Firms solution for Sabon was to build a solid foundation for their campaign with a strong media mix. The digital press push targeted a mix of beauty media for top online magazine counterparts, blogs, newspapers and more. Our Fashion PR Firm Division worked with Sabon to carve out strong messaging surrounding the unique and convenient benefits of using Sabon products. The campaign included placements in and on Yahoo Beauty,,, News1 NY,, Allure Magazine,,,, O Magazine, and many more. Content surrounded product spotlights, contest promotions, giveaways, new collections and more. Sabon sold to Rocher for $129 million in 2016. Now that’s what we call Beautiful Planning!


Increased brand awareness

Increased product knowledge via the public

Increased SEO

Successful partnerships/collaborations

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