Case Study

Bellabeat + BPM-PR Firm Case Study

Bellabeat Inc. is a Silicon Valley Unicorn  company building tech-powered wellness products for women that was established in 2014. The Bellabeat team released the disruptive Leaf health-tracking jewelry for women and the first smart water bottle powered by AI. in 2021 Bellabeat took the next step in revolutionizing the FemTech space by taking natural cycles into account when creating its guided programs in app and the Bellabeat Ivy Smart Bracelet health tracker with an aim to help women reach health goals more effectively and enjoyably.

Business Situation

Business Situation

Bellabeat approached BPM-PR in 2021 with the goal of creativity injection and stronger repositioning within the media for the Bellabeat Ivy. The company hoped to begin working with BPM-PR Firm immediately in the heart of the 2021 holiday season to ensure a stellar 2022 1st quarter media presence to present investors. Bellabeat had an immediate need to recover from some press where their mobile app had not been presented in the best light by previous placements. BPM-PR Firm promptly established a strategic plan to garner some strong media while providing Bellabeat time to make edits within the mobile app. Our firm focused heavily on the strategic step staged solution outlined below.

Our Solution

Our Multi-Staged Solution

Device Press Solution:

BPM-PR Firm immediately got to work with our wearable device PR and mobile app PR expertise. Upon studying the device took a strong media stance that the device was a stunning wearable jewelry statement piece for ease of fashion and lifestyle media market entry, as well as a device for a woman in every stage of her life from the onset of a woman’s period, through fertility planning, pregnancy through to menopause. This enabled our team to saturate the news at a faster rate for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle segments for online digital news, top national news, and TV. Our firm’s press support extended to launches such as Olivia Culpo’s endorsement announcement for The Bellabeat Ivy to items such as International Women’s Day campaigns.

Expert Press Solution:

Using our extraordinary wellness network we obtained OBGYN, Endometriosis, and Fitness and Meditation Experts for Bellabeat to incorporate into their PR campaign strategy and build out mobile app and podcast content. BPM-PR ran Executive News spotlights, Guest Articles, and Quotes for Bellabeat Co-Founders Urska Sršen and Sandro Mur alongside their Chief Medical Officer Tanja Premru-Sršen, M.D., Ph.D. BPM-PR then expanded access to additional experts for the Bellabeat team for the Bellabeat Mobile app expertise, The Bellabeat Podcast, and to quote within the news on nutrition, menstrual cycle stages, Postpartum depression, sexual health topics, mental health, and wellness. All topics that could be easily used to tie back to The Bellabeat Mobile App and The Bellabeat Ivy wearable device for brand aligned press. This solution included timely company responses to news topics as they hit that affected women’s health and reproduction data, such as Roe vs. Wade being overturned. BPM-PR Firm’s needle-pointed news reactions did not miss a beat as we pushed timely news quotes for the company on the matter of Data Privacy concerns amongst women and mobile app users for both TV Segments and Online Digital Tech news.

Partnership & Awards Solution:

BPM-PR Firm identified a need to elevate the Bellabeat brand with a multitude of Awards and began to segment and submit within the media for those that we believed the company should have been winning. Such award submissions resulted in The Bellabeat Ivy winning TIME Best Invention of 2022 for Wellness for Their Bellabeat Ivy and a Silver Muse design award for 2022.

Fully conceptualized and designed to continue the cycle of strong effective press and campaign award recognition. In addition to increasing the visibility and trust of the devices within the media through awards, BPM-PR Firm consistently worked on large-scale and mid-scale partnership opportunities. Our firm presented Bellabeat with 20+ large-scale and effective strategic partnership opportunities over 18 months.

Our Top PR Firm secured coverage in top-tier national and international press, such as: TIME, The Verge, TODAY, Oprah Daily, CBS News, PureWow, Fox News, Good Morning America, Digital Trends, Hello Giggles, PopSugar, Oxygen, OK! Magazine, Good Day PA, Well Defined, and much more!

The Bellabeat Ivy’s key features include

A Daily Readiness Score

A Wellness Score

Heart Rate & Fitness levels

Active Heart Rate


Activity & Active Minutes

Calorie Burn

Respiratory Rate

Resting Heart Rate

Cardiac Coherence

Unmatched Cycle & Fertility Tracking

The only tracker with adjusted pregnancy mode and full week-by-week pregnancy tracking


Sleep Duration & Quality

The Mobile App Provides A Wealth of Meditations, A Coach, Dietary Suggestions, Quick Recipes, and more.

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