Developer of Addictive iPhone Gaming Apps Announces Exciting New Releases

Von Nostrum Games (, the London-based developers of the planet's most addictive iPhone gaming applications, announced today the release of their 2 games: Chopstix and Chokoblok. Both iPhone games are now available to the public through the iTunes store at a very affordable price point of $0.99. Brothers Roni and Danny Stone, both avid gamers, were intrigued by the idea of combining their love of logical brain teasers with stress-relieving gaming apps. Together, they bring decades of industry experience, along with extensive mathematical backgrounds, to the table. The two decided to create and actualize all new innovative and exciting ideas that provide worldwide iPhone gamers with insanely-addictive applications.

In Von Nostrum's latest iPhone gaming app, Chopstix, an exceptionally cunning fly is on the loose. This game summons the true Karate Kid spirit as players enter into battle armed with just a pair of trusty chopsticks. It takes patience and skill to catch this awkward little fella - and timing is everything! Danny explains, "Chopstix makes use of the iPhone sensitive technology for easy-to-use, instinctive play that allows less time for thinking and more time for playing. In a nutshell: it's just loads of fun!"

Roni states, "The 3D puzzle-in-motion game called Chokoblok requires a keen eye and a sharp mind as players use trial and error techniques to move the pawn into the goal space. Of course, as the levels increase, so does the difficulty. Pressure blocks are built in that can change the state of play or even the

board itself. One thing is sure: this is no mindless board game!" Applications like Chokoblok allow iPhone users to escape from the pressures of their days for a few minutes here and there. It's amazing what a mental break can do to increase personal production levels.

All Von Nostrum games are designed with the individual gamer's experience in mind. Both recreational iPhone users and serious developers alike benefit from daily relaxation sessions with Chokoblok and Chopstix. "We understand how much people rely on the iPhones. They run their entire lives from these devices - and entertainment is a very necessary component of life," Roni concludes. "Von Nostrum Games is here for the long run. We'll keep providing iPhone applications that spark excitement, challenge and fun - and we're having a really great time doing it!"

About Von Nostrum Games: Von Nostrum Games is a London-based company that develops mind-bending, addictive iPhone gaming applications. The 2009 releases of Chokoblok and Chopstix have propelled Von Nostrum to the forefront of the iPhone app market. Continuing the momentum, company creators and brothers, Danny and Roni Stone remain dedicated to branding Von Nostrum as the planet's leading developer of fresh, fun and uniquely-captivating iPhone gaming applications.