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Why do we drive such outstanding results within the Wellness PR sector?

Our Expertise & Media Connections! At BPM-PR Firm, our Wellness PR Division understands the ins and outs of media preferences. We take the time to become a full extension of your team, from adopting and refining your brand voice to communicating the differentiating factors of your products and services. BPM-PR clients are notable, and the media regularly relies on us for creative and fresh new sources. Each week our account executives book coffees and desk sides, swing by a top health and wellness editor’s office or ring them up for a face-to-face new product weigh-in.

We craft remarkably multi-faceted Public Relations campaigns that impress your target market, investors, partners and award submission boards. Within our wellness PR division, our firm represents a wide range of award-winning health and wellness products and services, including unique devices, wearables, wellness coaches, physicians, nutrition counseling, fitness classes & experts, and mental health resources.

The right media message for wellness products or services should never be left to trial and error. Whether you are flipping the pages of Forbes or visiting CNN Health, our clients are always front and center.

Wellness Products-Services Division

Let us take your brand to the next level with any
of our below Wellness PR Firm services.

  • General Wellness PR Push for Products
  • General Wellness PR Push For Services
  • Celebrity Endorsements
  • Creative and Newsworthy Wellness Events
  • Editor Desk sides
  • Profile interviews
  • Product Inclusion in Online Digital News, Print, Television
  • Expertise & Quotes in Digital News, Print, Television
  • Events
  • Partnerships
  • Influencer campaigns
  • Award Submissions
  • And More!

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