When you think of the word publicist what comes to mind (besides someone prepping Lindsay Lohan on what to say about that baby powder shooting out of her shoes)?

You might think company representative, a pitch person of sorts. Someone to stand on the front line for you, your name or your brand and truly put forth the best version of…well….you. You may think of some of the best public relations companies around.

This being said, what role does your publicist’s reputation play in the success of your campaign?

I would say a major part.

If the media is not a fan of your publicist than more chances than not they are not going to be a fan of anyone that publicist represents either.

Your name could actually suffer from backlash even if you change publicists down the line. There are many examples. For instance a popular NYC PR firm is boasted throughout the internet as one of the fastest growing PR firms within the US.

Though this may be true the amount of gunk that is backed up online when you research the company along with the CEO is mind boggling for a company that represents so many.  The list runs from lawsuits, to crazy run ins with the owner found on sites like, and more.

There are also agencies that you really don’t hear much about her except that they are a terror to work for within the public relations industry. Brings up the age old question is it better to be feared than loved huh?  You really never know; today’s intern may be tomorrows esteemed fashion magazine editor.

If I could flip the coin for one second as a while back I read an article on an adorable young woman by the name of Sloane Crosley who is a 29-year-old book publicist and throughout the web and the PR industry itself it rings true that this young woman is one of the most beloved publicist in the entire world. She is so loved, that she released a few books of her own and they were a smashing success.  That is what the best public relations companies, and the best publicists are made of. An amazing reputation for themselves, first and foremost.

In all it is important when shopping for a publicist or as you run through lists of the best Public Relations companies, for your name or brand- for you to dig into the companies background a bit.

If there is a slew of insults being tossed back and forth online by a company owner and a client, or a million write ups about how they make the PR industry look bad then maybe they are not, in all, one of the best PR companies for you. As a client do you really want your brand, name or business associated to that?

What are your thoughts?

By: Monique Tatum-CEO of Beautiful Planning Marketing Group-NYC PR Firm